About SJW

Welcome to ‘faceofsjw’! Thank you for stoping by my little haven discussing all things personal presentation. I’m obsessed with makeup, skincare, haircare, self tanning and fashion.

‘faceofsjw’ was created out of boredom, in all honesty. I began this side project in January of 2015, as a creative outlet allowing me to discuss a passion which I didn’t quite feel had been entirely explored yet. This spawned an Instagram, website, Snapchat & YouTube which have given me incredible opportunities, allowed me to try out more products than I ever could have imagined and met some incredible people too.

Find me elsewhere on Instagram, Snapchat & YouTube under ‘faceofsjw’ as well.


Age?: 22.

Background in makeup?: None, a long time lover with no formal experience.

Do I blog full time?: No, I supplement my blogging with working in retail part time whilst also attending University.

Where am I based?: Central Coast of NSW, Australia. An hour North of Sydney.

Favourite makeup product?: Foundation, I want them all.

Favourite things to blog about?: While I love skincare and haircare, makeup is my real passion.

What camera do I use?: I use my iPhone 6 for flat lay’s and product photo’s and my Canon 70D for video’s and makeup photo’s.

Do I do sponsored post’s?: Yes, it allows me to afford to blog more, all opinions are 100% my own and I test out any product before doing a sponsored post. All sponsored post’s or product’s will be marked.

Any cosmetics enhancements or surgeries?: I have not had an enhancement or surgeries. My tan is fake and my hair colour is dyed.


SJW basics:

Eye Colour: Blue

Skin Tone: Fair, freckled, but a lover of fake tan.

Hair Colour: Naturally, a light brown with flecks of blonde. Currently the darkest shade of brown.

Skin Type: Combination: Normal, Oily & Dehydrated.

Height : 5 foot 9 inches.

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