BEAUTY: Classic Red Lip.

There are so many red lipsticks on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to say the very least. I’ve collated my favourite red lip products and tried to use a variety of shades, formula’s and price points so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful red lip. One thing you may notice is that […]


SKINCARE: Pore Minimising Products.

Toner’s along with an effective skincare regime daily, are the perfect way to minimise the appearance and size of pores. I personally also find that these are excellent at balancing skin PH levels, therefore reducing the un necessary oils appearing on the skin. JUNE JACOBS – Pore Purifying Mud Masque: Mud masque’s and my skin […]


TRENDING: Multi Use Products.

Multi use products are always a popular option, because lets be real, who wants to have to use more products that really necessary. Below I am discussing my favourite multi use products that I just can’t live without, they make everything easier! MICELLAR WATER: BIODERMA – H20 Micellar Water: Micellar waters can be used for […]