Body Care

BODY: Favourites From Bondi Sands.

Bondi Sands has such a cult following in Australia, and it seems to be spreading around the world. Their products are all affordable and easily accessible available from Priceline, mid-priced department stores and chemists. So, I’m talking all about the products that I love from this iconic Australian brand. Tanning Mitt $9.99AUD: This is […]


TLC: Body Care.

If you are anything like me, you have a huge collection of skincare, and spend hours testing out new skincare ensuring that your routine can be perfect, but then my body care is just quite frankly, nothing. I am just so lazy when it comes to my body, I am an avid fake tan lover, […]


D O V E | B O D Y & H A I R:

Dove is not a new brand to me, it is a brand that I have used over a long period of time, I have used their roll on deodorant, their spray deodorant, their gradual tan moisturiser (I used that religiously for around 2 years straight) I have also used their soap bars, which are the […]