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SKINCARE: What I’m Loving.

While I love beauty and makeup, skincare is such an important part of my routine, it affects the way every layer of makeup goes on top and can improve the look of base makeup. Finding new skincare pieces is always exciting, but considering there is so much skincare on the consumer market, I completely understand […]


SEASONAL: Winter Surivial.

Winter is a very difficult time for hair, skin and in my case my lips. Cool weather and wind reek havoc on all the bits we try so hard to keep hydrated and happy all through the other months of the year. Air conditioning and heating are another difficult part of Winter and especially effect […]


TRENDING: Multi Use Products.

Multi use products are always a popular option, because lets be real, who wants to have to use more products that really necessary. Below I am discussing my favourite multi use products that I just can’t live without, they make everything easier! MICELLAR WATER: BIODERMA – H20 Micellar Water: Micellar waters can be used for […]


SKINCARE: Facial Oils.

There are a huge variety of facial oils on the market, as there are so many functions for an oil, and so many potential benefits that could enhance the skin, from evening out tone, pigmentation or¬†increasing hydration in dehydrated skin. I was previously terrified of the word ‘oil’, as someone with previously oily teenage skin, […]