Face Mask

SKINCARE: Face Masks.

While I have so many face masks in my collection I find that I often forget to use them for whatever reason, just out of pure laziness more than anything I think. So when I do remember to use face masks, it’s normally for two different reasons, either I feel like I’m breaking out/congested pores […]


HAUL: Sephora Erina.

Sephora is an international beauty powerhouse which was launched in 1969 with over 1,900 stores in 29 countries worldwide, with the best understanding of the worldwide language of beauty. There are over 200 stores in the Asia Pacific region, and my personal closest store being the Erina Sephora store in Erina Fair on the Central […]


SEASONAL: Winter Surivial.

Winter is a very difficult time for hair, skin and in my case my lips. Cool weather and wind reek havoc on all the bits we try so hard to keep hydrated and happy all through the other months of the year. Air conditioning and heating are another difficult part of Winter and especially effect […]


Winter Edit 2017.

Welcome back to another round of my seasonal edit’s, I’ve really been enjoying this quarterly series that discusses products which perfectly prepare for upcoming seasons, mainly focusing on the Summer & Winter rotations. This is a compilation of products that I think are essential to the upcoming Winter weather, mainly to ensure that face, skin […]


SKINCARE: Pore Minimising Products.

Toner’s along with an effective skincare regime daily, are the perfect way to minimise the appearance and size of pores. I personally also find that these are excellent at balancing skin PH levels, therefore reducing the un necessary oils appearing on the skin. JUNE JACOBS – Pore Purifying Mud Masque: Mud masque’s and my skin […]


FAVOURITES: March 2017.

I haven’t done a favourites post since I did my Top 5: 2016, that’s been three months of tireless product testing, exhaustive as it sounds. I love trying out new products to find gems that I enjoy and ones that I recommend for others. I have been trying out lots of skincare as always, with […]