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BEAUTY: Illuminating Foundation Mix In’s.

Mixing in illuminating drops and liquids are my favourite way to add an overall healthy glow and brighter appearance to the skin. I love mixing them in with my foundation as it creates an overall glowy look, rather than focusing on one or two areas, which I do with more targeted and often more intensely […]


E M P T I E S | P A R T 1:

This is my first empties post, as I normally use products up at random times and then forget to save them, meaning that I don’t have many at one time. However, since coming back from travelling overseas and not having as much money for buying products initially, I found myself using up old products much […]


#FOTD (face of the day)

Hello! Today I had a job interview that I had to look appropriate for, but also the hot & humid Australian summer weather was another consideration when applying my makeup this morning. So with both of this factors in mind, I chose to apply quite a full coverage base that I had confidence would not […]