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BODY: Bondi Sands Aero.

Bondi Sands make two of my favourite self tanners, the Liquid Gold & 1 Hour Express. Both are affordable in the realms of self tanning, and create a beautiful natural appearing tan, but honestly I hate applying tan and the whole process, anything to make it easier is what I look for. I always want […]


BODY: Current Favourite Tans.

As someone with a pale complexion, and constantly attempting to avoid sun damage, whilst wanting to appear as if I have a sun kissed glow. I don’t like going exceptionally dark, but mainly just try to remove the redness from my skin, and add a little bit of a ‘just got home from a holiday’ […]


T A N N I N G | R O U T I N E:

Fake tanning has become an art in my personal opinion, with so many different products on the market and such an upkeep needed in order to maintain a healthy looking fake tan has meant that my tanning routine has become something that I have been attempting to perfect for sometime now, and I think I […]