BEAUTY: Classic Red Lip.

There are so many red lipsticks on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to say the very least. I’ve collated my favourite red lip products and tried to use a variety of shades, formula’s and price points so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful red lip. One thing you may notice is that […]


BEAUTY: Burberry Lip Products.

Burberry makeup is something I’ve never had the luxury of testing out previously, but have always ooe’d and ah’d over the beautiful packaging¬†and often admired the incredible imprints on many of their pressed powder products. While they are spendy as far as beauty products go, they’re honestly not as expensive as I had personally assumed, […]


BRAND FOCUS: Jane Iredale Cosmetics.

Jane Iredale Mineral Makeup is a makeup line formed in 1994 with the basis of being a makeup line that had skincare benefits a part of the makeup products, whilst also utilising more natural and organic ingredients into various makeup products. This line of makeup is intended to be multifunctional, easy to use and focus […]


R E D | L I P S:

With Valentines Day coming in less than a week, there is no need to stress about February 14th, regardless if you’re spending it with someone special or even a friend. This day can just be any other to put on a makeup look that makes you feel beautiful. Something that always gives me confidence and […]


M A K E U P S W A P:

Hello all, I am terribly sorry for being missing in action as of late, and I honestly have no excuse except for pure laziness, so lets put that aside and discuss something that I have been very excited about for a while now, but has actually occurred as of this morning! When I first began […]



I think a wish list is an interesting concept in relation to makeup, the idea that someone like my self with a more than necessary makeup collection is constantly lusting over more products, that I truly don’t need is a curious concept in my eyes. However, with all this being said, there is so much […]