BEAUTY: Favourite Nude Lip Products.

Nude lips are my vibe, they fit every look ever and I always feel comfortable wearing them. I was once much more exciting with my lip colour choices, but honestly now I’m just all about 50 shades of nudes. So I’m collating my current favourite nude lip shades that have been on firm rotation lately. […]


BEAUTY: Priceline Cosmetics Sale.

The Priceline half price cosmetics sale has rolled around again from Tuesday March 26th – Thursday March 28th. I love picking up products that I’ve loved previously and have run out of, base products that are normally full priced and then picking up some back ups. So, I’ve done a quick little post with my […]


BEAUTY: Classic Red Lip.

There are so many red lipsticks on the market, it can be a little overwhelming to say the very least. I’ve collated my favourite red lip products and tried to use a variety of shades, formula’s and price points so that everyone can enjoy a beautiful red lip. One thing you may notice is that […]


SKINCARE: Pore Minimising Products.

Toner’s along with an effective skincare regime daily, are the perfect way to minimise the appearance and size of pores. I personally also find that these are excellent at balancing skin PH levels, therefore reducing the un necessary oils appearing on the skin. JUNE JACOBS – Pore Purifying Mud Masque: Mud masque’s and my skin […]


EMPTIES: Makeup.

I believe that empties are a very helpful way to demonstrate a precise review of a product because it has been used in its entirety rather than just partially. I personally really enjoy reading and watching other peoples empties posts because I find they are the most honest & informative. I decided to break up […]


PRICELINE SALE: 40% off cosmetics.

The Priceline 40% off cosmetics sales seems to bring out the crazy in every affordable makeup lover. These sales normally occur about twice a year, and at various stages there are normally also 40% off hair care, fragrance and skincare all spread intermittently around the annual calendar. These are typically black spots for my wallet, […]