SEASONAL: Winter Surivial.

Winter is a very difficult time for hair, skin and in my case my lips. Cool weather and wind reek havoc on all the bits we try so hard to keep hydrated and happy all through the other months of the year. Air conditioning and heating are another difficult part of Winter and especially effect […]


TRAVEL: Skincare.

I have been on quite the hiatus and it genuinely concerns me when I look and see how long it’s been since I last posted on my little website, but new year, new me and all that! So, I’m back from a different location for a little while while on holidays in the US, having […]



I understand this below list may be a little overwhelming to see, and I understand it is quite the collection of products, there are so many different serums on the market with so many different focuses in regards to what they aim to treat for the skin. While obviously I understand that one person does […]