Urban Decay

FAVOURITES: September ’19.

September has been such a nice break in routine for me, and while I attempt to establish some new ones, it’s been lovely to have a bit more time on my hands after a wild August. I’ve been trying my hardest to establish some better routines, in my working out, sleeping, skincare, etc, so this […]


EMPTIES: Makeup.

I believe that empties are a very helpful way to demonstrate a precise review of a product because it has been used in its entirety rather than just partially. I personally really enjoy reading and watching other peoples empties posts because I find they are the most honest & informative. I decided to break up […]


C O N T O U R I N G | K I T S:

Contouring kits are everywhere, there is constantly a new contouring kit coming out from just about every makeup brand, whether it be a luxury, high end or more affordable, everyone is making one! I personally believe that Anastasia Beverly Hills is to blame for this sudden obsession that everyone believes they need three shades to […]


P A L E T T E ‘ S

Eyeshadow palettes in my opinion are the most justifiable splurge if you’re just beginning your collection, obviously a base is very important, but because the nature of an eyeshadow palette they do not run out quickly and seem to be a never ending supply of changing your look everyday without buying a heap of products. […]



I think a wish list is an interesting concept in relation to makeup, the idea that someone like my self with a more than necessary makeup collection is constantly lusting over more products, that I truly don’t need is a curious concept in my eyes. However, with all this being said, there is so much […]